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Waukegan Auto Title Loans

Deciding on the right lender to deal with your car title loan is an important decision. Our company has risen to become one of the leading providers of car title loans in Waukegan and the rest of Illinois. You can get your title loan in as little as 24 hours when you apply for a loan through our company.

Auto title loans are simple loans that use the title of your car as collateral in exchange for a short-term cash loan. There is no credit check required and you will keep your car throughout the entire lending period.

Our company is a middleman that puts borrowers in contact with lenders in their area. When you apply for an auto title loan on our website, we review your information and find a lender in your area offering title loans and options that are right for you. We work with many lenders throughout Illinois and the rest of the country, so you have access to the rates of many different title loan companies. We promise to get you the lowest interest rates on car title loans in your area.

Fill out the online application to receive a free quote instantly and find out how much cash your car is worth.

Low Interest Rates on Car Title Loans

There is no waiting period, and no reason to choose any other auto title loan provider. We offer some of the best rates on auto title loans in the industry, as well as some of the longest loan terms available in Illinois for auto title loans. With over a decade of experience, our educated team can provide you with the finances that you require and are able to manage.

Illinois Auto Title Loan

Instant Pre-Approval for a Title Loan in Waukegan

Fill out our online application to be pre-approved for a loan instantly and to receive a free loan quote. There is no application fee and we require only basic information about your vehicle and your contact information.

Our auto title loan company handles the approval process differently than a bank or credit card company. Instead of offering loans based on your credit history, title loans are determined by the value of your car and use your car title as collateral for the time you have the loan. Basically, you will receive a cash loan in exchange for your car title, and you will get the title back once you have fully repaid your loan. This can be incredibly convenient for people with bad credit or for people who need fast loan approval.

Car title loans only require the title of your car as collateral, not your actual vehicle. You will be able to drive your car for the duration of the loan so that you aren't stuck using public transportation and taxi cabs.

There is no credit background check in order to be approved for car title loans. Whether you have no credit, poor credit or even if you have had problems with bankruptcy, you are still able to get an auto title loan through our company. Please complete our application, you are able to find out instantly if you are eligible to be pre-approved for car title loans.

Benefits of Auto Title Loans

The application process for car title loans is fast and easy, and our online form is available right here on our website. This application takes only minutes to complete, and in less than 24 hours your loan can be finalized and ready for you to pick up. Our customer service representatives are available to assist you throughout the entire approval process and can answer any questions you have about our loans and our company. One of our representatives will contact you after you have submitted an application to follow up, discuss your options, and to finalize your auto title loan.

Once you are ready to pick up your loan, one of our representatives will direct you to the closest lending location near you. At our locations, you will be able to pick up your loan and speak with a representative in person. We have many locations around Waukegan, the Chicagoland area, and all of Illinois!

Other advantages of car title loans include:

  • Free application and instant loan quote
  • Low interest rates
  • Long lending periods with no pre-payment penalties
  • Configure the installment plan to fit your schedule and finances
  • Keep your car
  • Absolutely no credit check!

Interested in applying for an auto title loan? Fill out our online application to receive a free quote and see how much your car is worth!

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